Calibration Instrument Hard Case With Custom Foam Inserts
Attention to small details makes the difference
November 17, 2016
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Onsite Retrofit

We hope you find the time to read and enjoy our latest projects, as much as we enjoy finishing them and gaining happy customers.

Foam at the machine awaiting to be cut.


A military facility in Texas had approximately 1,000 tools that required CTK or Consolidated Tool Kit foam inserts. However, the facility was not able to let the tools be sent to our facility in Fairfield, Iowa.


Foam cut and air drying before assembly.


Foam cut, assembled, and awaiting shipment.

We offered to travel to the facility and use our onsite imaging technology. With the use of Mylar graph paper, Nikon camera, and a specialty designed tripod for the next 3 days, we imaged approximately 1,000 tools, using our imaging software.

Next, we uploaded the images to our design team and they handled the process from there.

After the customer carefully approved the layouts, we sent Styrofoam test cuts, so the customer could test their tools for fit and function.The final product was then double checked and shipped resulting in another happy customer, thanks to the team here at ToolKeepers.

We are always here to help and to figure out a solution to the problem at hand. No matter what the problem is we will find the solution, even if you can not have your tools leave your site.

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