About ToolKeepers

Advancing Toward the Future

Tool Keepers is now managed by the company's new owner, Weaton Capital.

We're making changes that will provide customers with a better-than-ever experience.

Process efficiencies and customer service improvements give you confidence that every job will be delivered as promised – our goal is actually to exceed your expectations.

Increased investment in state-of-the-art equipment in our 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility expands production capacity and improves quality so each job is delivered on-time and on-budget.

As a professional investment company, we are ready to invest in expanded manufacturing capacity as business grows, so no job is too complex or too big for our new operation.

We've even made changes that protect the environment by reducing materials and recycling the tiny bit of foam waste that is produced.

Some things won't change.

The experience and commitment of each member of the ToolKeepers team will continue to guide and manage every project in the same dedicated way it has for 17 years.

Fourteen precision waterjet machines and 2 shifts of assembly, finishing, sandblasting, grinding, and machining will continue as before.

If you're a current customer, we're excited for you to experience the new ToolKeepers. If you're a past or new customer, we're ready to show you a new and better way to meet your needs.

Thanks for taking a minute to learn what we're up to.

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