About ToolKeepers

Industry Leaders

Tool Keepers pioneered the use of water-jet technology and its application in custom tool kitting.

We have the largest centralized operation with over 125,000 square feet of production space housing 12 water-jet machines for multiple and simultaneous orders and a state-of-the-art Laser Etcher.

We are the only fabricator providing true One-Stop-Shop services, leading to greater production and quality control, industry-leading delivery times, and unmatched cost advantages.

We have the experience and logistics capacity to fully lean manage, Tool Keepers partnered with Creative Edge, the largest and most experienced independent waterjet fabrication and design company in the United States.

With 14 Waterjet Machines (5 Large, 4 Small, 4 Custom, and 1 Ultrasonic) and all types assembly, finishing, sand blasting, grinding, and machining has allowed Toolkeepers to stay ahead of the competition.

Tool Kitting has been continually manufactured at the Creative Edge facility for over 17 years.

The Team - Who We Are

Owner Jim Belilove and Creative Edge first became involved in tool kitting business in 1995 with Large kitting projects for the Rock Island Arsenal. Owner Clark Plummer joined them in 2006, and in 2009, Tool Keepers took over kitting operations. John Dunia, Johnny Hsia, and Shawn Frey complete the team. Yep, it's a small team, but our cutting edge waterjet tool kitting equipment does all the hard work, so that we can focus on customer service and quality assurance!


Our quality & service is unmatched. Take a look at our portfolio or contact us to get started!