Pioneering the technology and setting the bar for quality and innovation

    We are in partnership with Creative Edge Master Shop the largest and most experienced independent waterjet fabrication and design company in the United States.

    • ​Industry leader in durability, performance and functionality of all types of custom-engineered tool kits.

    • Industry leader in producing accurate and timely layouts.

    • Industry leader in turn-around and delivery schedule.

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    We stand behind our products 100%

    Nothing leaves our factory without a complete inspection for fit and performance.

    All layouts for production are signed off by end-user to insure 100% satisfaction of delivered product. All tools are checked for fit and function prior to production using test cuts in styrofoam sheets.

    All foam inserts are visually inspected before assembling and after the tools have been installed.

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    We are the only fabricator providing true One-Stop-Shop service

    Utilizing state of-the-art waterjet cutting process for tool cut outs and drawer perimeter cuts.

    Centralized operation with over 125,000 feet of production space, housing 12 waterjet machines for multiple and simultaneous orders. Experierence and logistic capacity to fully lean manage, support, and admisinister any tool kit program. Material cut sheets can be 60″ X 120″ or greater and up to 6′ thick. Expansion to 3 work shifts as needed for very large orders or emerency expediting.

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    Multi-Brand / Multi-Tool / Multi-Purpose

    Not all custom foam inserts are created equal. We design and produce the highest quality tool kits in the industry!

    Complete top-to-bottom turn-key solutions!

    Custom Tool Kitting & Tool Organization Services

    Ergonomically Designed

    Custom, ergonomically-designed tool or part configurations based on the end user specifications.

    Comprehensive Configurations

    Comprehensive tools and configurations database for immediate revisions and repeat delivery.


    Specializing in Tool Cabinet Foam Insert Retrofitting.

    Turn Key Solutions

    Specializing in custom Turn Key tool kitting.

    Tool Keepers has been continually tool kitting at the Creative Edge facility in Fairfield, Iowa USA for over 17 years!


    Tool Keepers partnered with Creative Edge, the largest and most experienced independent waterjet fabrication and design company in the United States.

    We are firmly planted in Fairfield, Iowa USA.


    We are the only fabricator in the USA or abroad, providing true One-Stop-Shop services, leading to greater production and quality control, industry-leading delivery times, and unmatched cost advantages.