Perfection is impossible to achieve, but ToolKeepers helps you come pretty close.

The ToolKeepers method leaves little room for error, resulting in high-performing solutions.

We use only high-density foam that is cut using super-precise waterjet technology. Design consultants are highly trained and experienced, with a passion for helping to solve problems. Standard processes include double sign-off before production begins – customers must approve first at the design stage, and again at the test fit stage. Visual post-production inspection means nothing leaves our plant if it isn't just what you ordered.

We've honed our system to deliver a superior product at a surprisingly competitive price.
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The breadth of services you need to stay ahead of challenges, and ahead of the competition.

Quality and versatility are at the center of the ToolKeepers operation.

150,000 square feet of production space, a deep bench of human and mechanical capabilities, and up to 3 manufacturing shifts allow ToolKeepers to efficiently deliver complex (or simple) custom projects in large (or small) quantities. Carefully managed logistics programs give you a partner in administering corporate tool kitting programs to achieve manufacturing and efficiency goals. Carefully managed materials sourcing results in minimal waste, saving you money and minimizing environmental impact.
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of custom kitting using

high-density foam and

high-precision waterjet


Do it right the first time.

Your processes, tools, and products are important. They warrant the highest quality and most secure foam protection available – which is the ToolKeepers specialty.

custom foam insert for socket tool set
Hard Case with custom foam inserts

Custom Tool Kitting & Tool Organization Services

Ergonomically Designed

Custom, ergonomically-designed tool and object storage and protection that meet customer specifications.

Repeatable and Scalable

Comprehensive tools and configurations database allows us to deliver immediate revisions and repeat delivery of previous orders.


Specializing in Tool Cabinet Foam Insert Retrofitting.

Design and Manufacturing

Specializing in custom foam solutions using the highest quality materials and cutting technology.

Tool Keepers has been continually manufacturing in Fairfield, Iowa USA since 2002.


Tool Keepers products are manufacutred at Creative Edge, the largest and most experienced waterjet fabrication and design company in the United States.

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